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DoğaHan is not a hotel. The visitors are not ‘costumers’. They stay in DoğaHan as ‘guests’, to share the common life. The guests can stay at DoğaHan as ‘tourist’ or ‘volunteer’.


The guests can come to DoğaHan as ‘tourist’ or ‘volunteer’. Tourists contribute to the costs of common life. The volunteers help for the works in DoğaHan. Volunteers is accepted only while the season is suitable for work.


There are a few alternative way of accommodation for DoğaHan visitors:

  • Rooms: There are 7 rooms and 14 beds, for the guests.
  • Fixed Tents: To use during the summer times, there are 3 single tents and 2 double tents. These tents, the need may be increased as much as required.
  • Place For Guest’s Tents: For that, 4 place is allocated. But it is possible more place if necessary. 
  • Place For Guest’s Caravans: There are 2 place for the caravans. But it is possible more place if necessary.

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