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DogaHanda Bir Gun 03

Farm manager wakes up early, starts kneading the dough for bread and breakfast preparation; burns the oven, bakes bread, prepares the breakfast table. Some of the volunteers participate in these studies.

Guests, who wish to watch the sunrise and balloons in the sky, get up early. Balloons appear in the sky, about these times according to the season. Guests, who has wishing, have the opportunity; to collect energy in the early hours of the morning, to listen the birds' chirp, to breathe the clean air and to watch the dance of the balloons with the sun.

The other guests wake up. All guests, who don't feel tired, get up at this hour. Because, DoğaHan’s life begins.

It is the breakfast time. Farm manager, with the help of volunteers, has prepared a delicious country breakfast. All guests sit together for breakfast. With the company of a pleasant chat, they have breakfast by products of natural and delicious. Breakfast, depending on the climatic conditions, is carried out in the open air.

Starts working in DoğaHan. Volunteers, under the direction of farm manager, began to work in daily jobs. Depending on the season; the vegetable cultivation, tree pruning, weeding, watering and fertilizing, harvesting and vintage, grape juice extraction and molasses boiling, tomato and pickles, farm animal care, milking, cheese-yogurt-butter construction are made. In addition, it shall be carried out the duties such as premises, roads, flooring, terracing, cleaning and maintenance of the building in DoğaHan.  who have private vehicle, can use it for transportation. Guests, who desire, can have the privilege to 'Cappadocia ride on two wheels' by renting bikes and motorcycles for a small fee, in DoğaHan.

Coffee break time...

Continue working...

Lunch preparations begin. Farm Manager, with together some volunteers, starts to food preparation. In the oven or on the stove, local and traditional dishes are cooked. Food that will be considered to be suitable for a healthy diet. As material, as far as possible, are utilized crops grown in DoğaHan. Guests can demonstrate their cooking skills or improve their personal experiences in this process.

Lunch time comes. Farm staff and volunteers sit together at the table. Tourists who want to eat the lunch in DoğaHan, notifies the farm manager that morning.

Free time... DoğaHan residents can enjoy midday siesta. Guests who desire, can spend time; reading books, by chat, walking in the farm or examine the nature. You can also participate in the activities will be planned during this period. For example; fishing in the Kızılırmak River, to make hiking, horse-donkey-bike tour, climbing to Çeç Hill, to participate in the practical Turkish learning, seasonal conditions are favourable to watch the sunset...

Dinner and meal preparation is done. The volunteers participate in this study, to help the farm manager and develop their personal experiences and skills. If there is a large number of volunteers, participation is ensured in turn these studies.

Healthy dinner, cooked by the local flavours and natural methods, is eaten collectively. Tourists, who will attend to the dinner, will report the status to the Farm Manager in the morning, and meal is done accordingly.

Nightfall in DoğaHan... Guests who wish, can go to the evening entertainments in Cappadocia cities. For those who want to take advantage of the surrounding thermal spas, the evening can turn into an opportunity. Guests staying at the farm; in the summer, outdoors and under the stars, and in winter can participate to the dinner chat in front of the fire. During these conversations, guests who want, can share their skills in music and other subjects. The delicious Turkish tea, brewed in the samovar, and other refreshments is accompanied to that chat council. So as not to disturb other guests, DoğaHan guests can enjoy in the evening and the night. Guests who desire, can spend a romantic evening by watching the stars or walk within the farm.

Bedtime at DoğaHan. In principle, from 23.00 hours to get to bed. However, guests who wish, without noise, can continue the conversation or watch the stars.

The words of a Turkish song:

My soul is drunk,

Under the stars,

Making love is so nice,

Under the stars...

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