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About Us

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    • DoğaHan Holiday Farm:

    DoğaHan is located in the heart of Cappadocia, which is the world's most outstanding cultural tourism resorts.

    It is 6 km away and on the West of Avanos city. And the land belongs to Sulusaray town. The farm is on the South shore of Kızılırmak, the longest river of Turkey. And it is on the North of The Tumulus of Chech Hill. That tumulus is called as a king’s grave from ancient times. DoğaHan is only 11 km away from Göreme Valley, which is the centre of Cappadocia.

    It is a 40 acres holiday farm that surrounded the vineyards and beets, corn and grains  lands.

    DoğaHan offers the products (walnuts, almonds, grapes and many other fruits and vegetables) which is growth in healthy methods, to the tastes of the guests.

    That land is DoğaHan Holiday Farm...

    It is a natural place which ecological life, organic farm and holiday concepts meet there.

    For its guests, DoğaHan offers the fresh products, which are produced traditional methods. The guests can participate to cultivate the products in the farm. And they can developed their experiences on the farming

    DoğaHan is not only a natural life farm, but it is a peaceful and natural accommodation place for the people who want to visit Cappadocia. The visitors can stay for a short time or live for long term at DoğaHan.

    • Philosophy:

    All of us are the victims of the modern city life. Because we drown in the crowd of city, to eat bad foods and breath the dirty air.

    We pay by our health for the things which are given by city life. For being away from these bad things which threat our health and mental health… To be in the nature… To put our feet on the soil… To pluck a bunch of grapes from twig and eat them… To smell the wild flowers… To make work our bodies which are made lazy by city life… To eat all natural foods. It is the dream of all of us, isn’t it?

    DoğaHan’s philosophy is that, to give an opportunity for the people who want to realise their dream and also want to explore the nature again and to make feel the taste of pure life.

    • History:

    Psychologist Yahya BULUT and Journalist Nihat KAŞIKCI… They had a dream: to build a new, alternative life culture, which away from modern life's stress.

    They decided to start the action at the beginning of 2000’s. Thus, they start to look for a place for new life. The decide was on Cappadocia. It was the most beautiful place for that dream. Cappadocia was the peaceful place for a lot of civilization and also is the ‘Nice Horse’s Land’. As the cultural tourism centre of Turkey, Cappadocia was the best place to hug the urban freaks

    They bought the land of farm in May 2007. The first walnut seeds were put in the soil in November 2008. Later in the process, raising seedlings and plant studies in the field was continued. Garden and plant development work is still ongoing.

    They wanted to build a place that the people, who are seeking an alternative for modern life, can come together, communicate their common feelings and can perform their joint aspirations.

    With the philosophy of the organization, DoğaHan tries to produce the products in its farm as much as possible. During the produce, they use natural ways. And the visitors can join to the produce processes.

    The globalization nearly destroyed the traditional culture, architectural heritage, producing and life styles. DoğaHan aims to protect all these traditional values.

    Visitors of DoğaHan have freedom in all way. But they respect the freedom, thoughts and belief of other visitors.

    DoğaHan is not a ‘hotel’. And the visitors are not ‘costumers’. They are ‘guests’.

    DoğaHan does not aim profit. It acts by the understanding to share the natural life.

    The guests of DoğaHan contribute to the spending of common life.

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